Dryer Venting In A Condo

Dryer venting in a condo can pose some special problems including condensation. How a dryer vent is installed in a condo can be a bit tricky and remember there’s also the vent from the other condo. Suddenly you can be facing damage but it could have been avoided.

The problem is condensation can easily form on the outside or inside of the vent pipe. The pipe gets cold and then the moist heat runs through the pipe which turns to liquid when it cools near the exterior wall Dryer vent cleaning.

To stop condensation from occurring the pipe needs to be kept warm and there are some simple steps you can undertake to ensure you don’t have condensation problems.

If you haven’t developed this problem why not do the fix before the problem occurs. And if you already fighting condensation problems this simple fix will set you right and solve your problems.

You can start by insulating the entire dryer hose right from the dyer to the vent. Use Styrofoam or other types of foam insulation. In fact there is pre-cut insulation that id designed specifically for dryer hose. This will ensure that the piping does not become colder and produce condensation.

Second you need to get your caulking and caulking gun out and caulk around the outside of the vent. This is always a great source for cold air which can be promoting condensation because the exhaust pipe is getting cold. By caulking around the seams you reduce the amount of cold air that the piping is exposed to.

But before you waste your time caulking make sure that the correct exhaust vent is installed because if the wrong vent is installed it can be a source of cold air if it is inadequate.

Always use the smooth galvanized steel pipe or aluminum pipe for your venting rather than the plastic flex hose. It’s much less susceptible to temperature change and it also lasts much longer. You might also be surprised to discover it costs very little more and it is just as easy to install as the flex hose.

Always try to reduce the number of bends as much as possible. The fewer number of bends you have the less problems that will occur because your air flow will be better. Always make sure that the length of your vent pipe run meets the specifications of the dryer. Many limit the length of the run.

Insulate the outside of the entire venting system and tape all the seams with heating tape or duct tape also works well. The heat tape is designed to work only on steel or aluminum piping because of the special adhesive.

Don’t forget to also insulate around the vent itself. In fact if there is open space around the vent fill with insulation and hold in place with duct tape. Don’t be afraid to pack it tight. You’ll be impressed at how beneficial this is.

If you follow these steps you’ll not have to worry about your dyer venting causing damage to your condo. You’ll driver will function optimally and you won’t be faced with fixing damage caused by condensation.

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